CwikWin – UAE’s First Mobile App for Customer Engagement

    • App for brand contests to build and enhance customer engagement
    • Rewards User with points to Redeem for valuable gifts & Win exciting prizes
    • Up to 5 Key Messages communicated with the consumer / User
    • Contests customized with visual and text elements
    • Detailed engagement analytics

    Salonaat – Mobile App for Beauty Services

    • The first fully mobile directory of Beauty service providers in the UAE
      • The first beauty platform with a live chat with professionals
      • Special loyalty program with pronounced benefits
      • Free booking, free reminders and free cancellation
      • Dual language (Arabic & English)

    Social Media Marketing

    • Design and management of Facebook page to promote top artiste Shreya Ghoshal’s concerts in Bahrain and Dubai
      • Development of social media planner
      • Development of Facebook account page
      • Increasing Facebook fans using tools available on Facebook
      • Management of the Facebook Fan Page
      • Deployment of posts with links of images, video & text posts
      • New creatives for the posts
      • Content writing for all text posts
      • Responding, engaging with fans & followers